The Insurrectionists:2021-2022


They came from all over the country united by the belief that something valuable had been taken away and they were determined to get it back. They believed that if they didn’t come that day , the country would fall to Communist, Child-raping Democrats who had stolen an election and of course, Jews and Blacks. They were going to kill the Speaker of the House and erected a gallows for the disobedient Vice President. They were from all walks of life , cops, firemen, mothers and bar owners, and peppered throughout were militia members and Proud Boys all aching for the fight. Of course, none of this was legitimate or even true but they had been inoculated from truth and in an Alternate Reality created by a fat Old Man who was afraid to be known as a loser and his enablers inside the Capital who stretched the law and reality to suit their beliefs. A year later, some have gone to jail and some even pleaded guilty, but the Old Man and his Capital minions have yet to face justice.

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