Twelfth of August, 2017, Acrylic On Canvas, 36×48″, 2017-21.


History Painting:

I began this painting on a large canvas and then I abandoned it for more than three years and stored in my basement so I did not have to look at it everyday. Recently while retrieving a tool from the basement , I saw it and thought I would give it another try. Based on the documentary photo by Zach D. Roberts of the assault of DeAndre Harris by six men in a Parking Garage in Charlottesville Virginia. The assault followed an “exchange of words” by the assailants and s few counter protesters as the police pushed them toward East Market Street. I tried to capture the afternoon light streaming into the darkened Parking Garage and the shock of sudden violence. The video repeated again and again at the time and cell phone images and videos taken by the participants and witnesses were used in the making of the painting. As in events of this kind, the identity and even number of assailants has changed over time. The seemed to be six. In my painting although three men are beating Harris with an umbrella, shield a pole and boards , three men, one hidden behind the ticket entry at right and two coming toward them from East Market street are shown. As I was doing the painting, it made me reflect on the event itself but also of Art History; I thought about how Manet assembled carte du photography for his Death Of Maximillian and how Goya painted his Napoloeanic Soldiers in the shadows in his Third of May, 1808. The title was influenced by Goya’s painting.

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