Undocumented / Separated


Since the first days of the Trump Administration, The Southern Border of the United States has become a Crisis Zone. Cruel Tactics by the U.S. Government have created what some have called “concentration camps for migrants, Stranded Mothers and children on the Mexican Side of the Border, many of them from Central America. People have been tear gassed, have been subject to DNA tests and children have been separated from their parents.

Seperated: Miriam, Inez and Rosalita, 2018,; Lineup at Eagle Pass, 2020.


Tijuana: Running Man, , Man With Rug, Tear Gas I, Tear Gas II, 2018, Tear Gas III.


ICE Series: Partners, Questions, A Knock at the Door and Shining A Light, 2017.

2 thoughts on “Undocumented / Separated

  1. I had the good fortune to be one of Anthony’s students at NYIT. He was an amazing teacher, and now that I somehow found myself being a journalist, I appreciate his work even more. The old adage that a picture is worth 1000 words applies to his paintings; he really has mastered the literal art of protest. Moments that he’s caught should make us all stop and think; I know they do me.


    1. Thank you for your continued support; teaching is only as “amazing” as the amazing student thatI was lucky to teach. They are working all around the world artists as journalist/artists, as immunologists, as musicians and as educators.


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