If there is a unifying idea behind my work since 1982, it is the concept of the Sacrifice Zones. First discussed during the Cold War as likely out comes of nuclear fallout, the concept has broadened to include areas devastated and permanently impaired by environmental damage and disinvestment in low income and minority communities. The concept has emerged again at Fukushima and the devastating draughts in what used to be called the Fertile Crescent. The mass migration of rural workers to the cities sparked the uprisings in Syria and elsewhere and was most likely made worse by green house gasses.

I would also include pesticide related fish and, bee and bat kills, Pig Dumps  in the Huangpu river in Shaghai , Chicken Culls because of H1N5 and even the mold infestations in the Northeast after Hurricane Sandy.

Recently commentators including Chris Hedges, Joe Sacco, Chris Lerner and Naomi Klein have written about the new Sacrifice Zones that have been brought about by short-term economic gain and

Klein writes in her most recent book, This Changes Everything, that:

“… in order to have sacrifice zones you need people and cultures that count so little that

they are considered deserving of sacrifice.”

Beginning with a series of paintings entitled  Sitters(1987)and continuing with my latest series, the idea of restoring dignity and life to the millions of victims of environmental genocide has been my aim.

Awating Rescue, Acrylic on Canvas, 30X40″, 2016

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