“No ideas but in things…”

William Carlos Williams

Beginning in the 1980’s, I began to think that ordinary objects were full of existential meaning and that no matter the artist, era or style; no matter the intent the conveyor of intention was a thing. Picasso’s Guitars, Duchamp’s Windows, Klee’s Fish but also Rembrandt’s costumes, Leonardo’s table setting and all Northern Painting of the 15th and 16th Century bares witness to Williams’ maxim.

I have tried to think of the epitomes of our era and which objects are characteristic of our unique time and place. Because of the pervasive nature of the mass media the world seems to be rife with calamity and disaster.

Hazmat suits, goggles,  life preservers and plastic garbage bags are the stuff we are made of.

These are all optimistic objects which speak of survival.

rescue at lesbos

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