Working In Series,


Ever since the 1980’s I have worked in Series format. It seems to me that one painting alone cannot do justice to a complex theme. My influence here is of course Thomas Cole but when I was a student, it seemed to me that all my favourite artists were working in Series. Everyone from Johns , Marisol, Dine and Warhol and later Close had staked paths which emphasized the continuity and interrelation of themes. Of course the work of Alex Katz, Alfred Leslie and Philip Pearlstein often was inherently serial in nature but so too were the paintings of Dekoonig, Kline and Reinhardt. I think that “TYPOLOGY” is one the basic categories of thinking  and therefore working in series makes profound sense.

Below are some of the paintings I have been working on in a Series called Syrian Refugees.

Syrain man withrugs2    syrian boy   seatedrefugee

redscarfptg2015_edited-1     syrian refugee camp,turkey

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