“Clementi’s painterly interpretations of sites of catastrophes are depicted with a critical (and perhaps deliberately neutral) gaze that lifts his carefully rendered eerie realities to a level of social protest. In what appears to be a rapid perhaps even urgent application of pigment, he describes visual truths in a manner that alludes to the transient visual vocabularies of journalistic/ documentary verisimilitude.

His are dire warnings of the approaching dystopia that may, in fact, have already arrived. “

Tom Smart


Nova Scotia Realism

ANTHONY CLEMENTI has been an artist, exhibition curator and art educator for more than 30 years. He participated in more than 60 exhibitions in North America and Europe. He has taught at Pratt Institute , Nassau College , New York Institute of Technology and Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia , Canada. He has been a Executive Director of the Children’s Museum in Utica, and has curated exhibitions in New York and was a principle in Non-Profit Support System advising non- profits and Art organizations in Upstate New York.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s Tony helped organize and exhibited in several landmark exhibitions in what became known as the Artist Curated Movement. These include Artist Call, Joint Forces, Carnival Knowledge and the Survival Show.

He presently lives and works in Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife Patricia Caryi.


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